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By using this website, BOTH YOU and YOUR REFERRALS' links (ShareASale & Namecheap) will automatically be placed in the links within the page (including banner ads), so you can promote any posts within this site and still earn commissions from ShareASale & Namecheap signups.
YES, but optional. This helps you to get fast and easy approval with ShareASale affiliate program and also helps both YOU and YOUR referrer to reach $20 commission easily. For as low as $3/year, what you get is a domain name which you have control over where or how you want to use it.
If you have bought a domain name only(without hosting), you can associate your domain name with free hosting services like blogger,,, etc. and start blogging or sharing valuable information, articles and tutorials, or even taking your affiliate marketing to the next level! The goal is to monetize your website! Need help with setting up your website? Feel free to reach out to me 😉.
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